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Medication for the Pain

HSC Student's Community

HSC Students
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I made an HSC Livejournal community because I know many of us are doing our HSC this year and we use Livejournal too much.

Use it for:
*discussion on texts for English related subjects
*reccomending texts
*idea swapping for exam related creative writing and the like
*cries for help - ie. in need of some kind of source or whatever
*as means to count units of coffee drunk, cigarettes smoked and hours spent procrastinating

...and the like.

I think this will be helpful if people use it.
I don't mean for this to sound like an HSC support group, but if people actually use it when they can help or are in need of help I think it will be exceedingly useful. Think of it as a counterfit Bored of Studies.

So do join.